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Discover more about us and our mission to bring compassionate service and guide our patients to the best quality CBD and medical marijuana available. Remedy Medicinals is Missoula, Montana's premiere dispensary, offering small-batch and handcrafted medicinal products.


Our Story

Remedy Medicinals was established in Missoula, MT, in 2009. Remedy was founded on the ideals that we all can utilize cannabinoids as a medicine for a range of illnesses and injuries. Especially as our community and loved-ones are impacted by ailments like cancer, anxiety, and even the ravages of opioid addiction, cannabinoids stand as a safe, legal alternative. We guide and inform our clients, so they can make informed decisions about the medical marijuana program and what might be right for them.    

We are a small, close-knit team dedicated to our patients and our local Western Montana community.

Our Garden

All of our plants for the Medical Marijuana Program are grown in the shadow of the Mission Mountains. Some of the plants we grow have been with us for the last decade, and the genetics of these plants have served our patients very well. We use use natural and sustainable growing methods to produce the cleanest medicine. Each one of our plants is special-- just like the patients they ultimately help, that is why each plant gets its own tailored regiment of water and nutrients. We are a true craft grow that strive to make the best quality, small-batch flower with a wide variety of strains and formulated products we have the Remedy for you know matter your need.    

Our Products

We make a variety of products and personally grow some of the finest plants for the Missoula medical marijuana community. We know many of our clients have very different lifestyles and needs so we make and grow products and medicine for both the general public and Patients of the Montana Medical Marijuana Program. All of our CBD and hemp-derived products are 100% approved for the general public and all of our products have been third-party tested for quality and dosing. We simply don't mess around with artificial ingredient or fake claims. We offer quality and consistency from all of our products.

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